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    Just sharing.. a little messy?

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    too many distraction...the pouch...the money...not enuff DOF

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    ya i agree.the e colours r not strong enuff, or attractive enuff to sustain our attention

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    got you. will do better if table was another contrasting colour, wallet and cash not included?

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    ya tts wad i think. =)

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    Personally, other than the distractions, it's alrite.. What's with the DOF if the pic is taken top down?

    A "cut" spoon? Not very nice =D

    Juz my humble opinion.

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    Cant make out the subject

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    wad's DOP?

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    depth of phield

    anyways, the bag shoudn't be there

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    Colour wise seems ok but,

    The table needs a better clean wipe, the bag doesn't do well, the money is out of place here, the edges of the plate need a clean.

    Maybe also a tighter grouping of items ?

    Just a thought, put into words
    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    okie thx everyone! will take to note during my next supper!


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