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Thread: Where to learn pet grooming ?

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    Default Where to learn pet grooming ?

    hi everyone,

    i'm interested in taking a course to learn professional pets grooming in singapore,i have search the net and only manage to find 3 pet shop(k9paradise,dogcare and bestfrd) offering grooming courses.

    Anyone know of any other professional pets grooming school in singapore??

    thanks !

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    I only saw one school before quite awhile back at the clubpets aniversary event. You can check out the SKC dog show coming up this sunday if you are free. Sure got some grooming schools there. If not you can just find otehr spaniel owners to ask around?
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    Default Re: where to learn pets grooming ?

    i also interested to learn grooming.. but just want to learn to groom my dog .. if is not ex.. i would like to try also

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    Default Re: where to learn pets grooming ?

    my neighbour had to go US to take up such courses on professional level. She now opens her own pet care shop.
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