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Thread: Esplanade and City

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    Default Esplanade and City

    Same Place limited place to take good nite shots

    Please comment.. Thanks

    sky very blue, so obviously using canon lens

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    hmm... I like the skyline shot...
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    Default Re: Esplanade and City

    Originally posted by hong

    sky very blue, so obviously using canon lens
    Canon lens give a blue cast?

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    err, accordingly to many online review, canon digital cams prefer blue sky more

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    The first picture has excellent colour. I like the softness of the picture. Excellent. I believe you've taken this pic at a good time of the day when the sky is deep blue.
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    I like the blue that's been casted on the buildings and the floor. it's really nice. Gives a peaceful feel, but at the same time a bit lonely also. but they are great pics.

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    Hmm.... May I know when was the pic taken? Is the Merlion spouting water again Been there a couple of times but never see it spouting water

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    taken around 7pm if i am not wrong

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    Hmm.... Was the pic taken yesterday? Which cam u use

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    hong... absolutely marvelous..

    love the blue sky...

    care to share the aperture/shutter settings?

    me just got me s45... gonna get tripod and start shooting liao

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    i using s30,

    setting is abt 1-2secs taken in raw and process using breezebrowser

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    hi hong, thanks for the reply...

    but i have this burning question that im trying to find the answer for..

    if u notice ur foto, all the "dimmer" lights like the lights coming from the office windows are all nice and sharp and small...

    but the brighter lights, Eg, the HITACHI tower logo, (on the left)

    and the UOB plaza Logo, they are brighter, and hence not as clear as they have this "halo" effect...

    is there anyway to take long exposure, but at the same time not have this bright halo effect for the brighter lights?

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    Actually those images above not too sharp, see below new one, too prevent the star effect, use a bigger aperture, like f2 or f2.8 in your s45

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    ah thanks for the reply... so r u saying use larger aperture, and faster shutter speed? so more light can go in, but not for so long as to create "Star" effect?

    hmm i see... but then the depth of focus would no longer be as good.....

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    err, think so lor, give and take lor, cannot have best of both worlds


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