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Thread: Given a sum of money, wud u rather buy more gear or travel more for photography?

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    Definitely travel
    In fact, with a G1/G2 etc, or an SLR with a decent zoom say 28-105, 28-135 etc, you get better travel photos with money put into a good itinery. If u spend lots of money on a whole set of equipment and take a cheap tour package, you'll will be disappointed...


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    I vote for tour

    Instead of buying an expensive SLR body, I prefer to carry two smaller bodies(one second hand as backup) together a wide angle prime (For Less barrel distortion), 50mm prime (For low light handheld), 80-200mm (Cheap and small). Even if you kenna robbed, it would only cost you below S$1500 for the above setup. A tripod may be optional, but it is really inconvenient.

    I think you'd be more disappointed if you spend all the money on an expensive package. I would rather spend the necessary on flight only and go for a longer free and easy tour. I would like to walk the slump and rural parts of a city instead of the guide bringing you to tourist attractions, jewellery shops....
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    travel !! travel !! travel !!

    been to turkey b4 .. enchanting scenary .. *drool* .. even saw a FULL rainbow

    believe a simple consumer cam wld also be capable enuff to capture the scenary ..

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