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Thread: Monitor & Graphic Card

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    Default Monitor & Graphic Card

    Hi....... need feedback, recommendations for above. Having a great camera/lenses but if the
    Monitor/Graphic Card COMBO not up to the mark I am sure you'll not be able to see and be critical of what you shot.

    So what combo do you use for viewing and likely budget for the good stuff.

    Much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Monitor & Graphic Card

    Graphics card is not important. It has its functions, but give you a $4000 graphics card also useless if it's not colour corrected. Colour correction software/devices will let a $60 graphics card perform as well as a $600 graphics card for simple applications such as visual manipulation of images. You can't tell what card is used from a monitor display (assuming there's DVI for LCD).

    More logical question would be which monitor and which calibration device? If i'm not wrong some monitors has got smaller gamut than others..


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