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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some advice as to how I could go about becoming a photoshop retoucher. I already do basic retouching but would like to get more experience and possibly get into high end retouching. Any advice is greatly welcome.

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    Our libraries have a ton of books on Photoshop and other similar graphic and illustration software. A good place to start.

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    Look for badly taken pictures on the net (bad lighting, bad colour, bad cropping, etc) and improve on them. Look for ideas in books, and then look for images on the net and try to compose them into composite images. Or purposely take bad shots and fix them in PS

    Get a portfolio of images, get someone who has a good eye for detail to look at them (plenty of people with opinions in Clubsnap...), accept any criticism and improve the work. When it is good enough, apply for open positions in DI houses or photog studios, as junior DI artists, temps or interns. Your portfolio and your thought processes in approaching an image are important in getting you the job.

    Good Luck


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