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Thread: What If: You couldnt post pictures for sharing anymore?

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    I look on forums such as CS (apart from sharing technique, tech tips etc) as market research. It is interesting to see the different responses to an image in different forums. It does not necessarily affect my style or work, but it does give me an idea of how it will be received in each location.

    I think it is only natural for people who have shared an experience such as a group shoot to want to compare and share their results. As for imitation in general, that is how schools (as in "modernist", "cubist" etc) of art get started.

    As for glamour shots, I think that you will find that internationally that is one of the most popular genres. Even in forums where the emphasis is on photo manipulation and retouch, the most popular images are those of pretty girls. That is why the covers of magazines on subjects ranging from economics to knitting usually have a pretty face on them. Even magazines for women have pictures of attractive women on them and not men.

    In addition to the above, I prefer shooting models because I find the entire process from selecting the model, designing the shoot, selecting props and interacting with the model during the session to be enjoyable.

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    Right, good points all... I've been proven wrong & right in certain cases, I didnt see imitation as a means of teaching... so the 'herd of clones' I mentioned are in a phase of learning... and sharing is as inevitable as the digital revolution.

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