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Thread: Why use Vuescan etc instead of original software?

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    Default Why use Vuescan etc instead of original software?

    This is a followup of the few threads started by fellow Clubsnappers.

    I notice a good portion use Vuescan and Silverfast instead of the original softwares provided by the scanners, eg Nikon Scan.

    Why is this so and what are the benefits? Is it not sufficient to simply do a film scan and then do the major colour adjustments, sharpness etc later in a photo editing software such as Photoshop?

    What is it that the Nikon Scan can't achieve?

    Thanks, still new to this lah!

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    i.e. control freaks use vuescan ... it offers options up to the tiniest detail...
    silverfast supposed to be extensive for negs, so minimal colour correction needed..
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