Hey sistas.

If you are out there wanting to capture the essence of your youth to reminince when you are older, but yet you are sick and tired looking at your conventional friend's princessy glamour shots....

deep down in you you wanna be shot sexily.


///then you are the one i am looking for.

-you dont have to be body perfect.
-you dont have to be experienced.
-you dont have to be les.
-you have to be a girl.
-it is some how like a lesbian shot.
-but inclusive of individual ero art shots.
-come if u wanna build your portfolio or you just wan it for keepsake.
-you won't be paid.because you wanna get shot and help incerase portfolio of a photog.
-pm or email PHARQUE@gmail.com for more details.

Look forward to your replies!!!
--this is ongoing.
(*All replies will be kept stictly confidential if you want to.)
***in singapore only