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so am i right to say that AV mode would assure that both the ambient and my subject be correctly exposed?

also, do i need to set any flash exposure compensation if i plan to bounce it off a card at say 60 degrees?

and before i forget, thank all of you guys for the very precious knowledge and information you're sharing with me. it is very very much appreciated. been reading other threads in the forums too.

again depends on what equipment you are using ,canon and nikon aperture mode meters differently. for canon, make sure your shutter speed is not too low to hand held, i suggest to use M mode for indoors with flash usage, control your shutter and aperture and let the flash caculate the ambient, run a roll to test the result.

I saw a female wedding photog (free-lancer) whom demand an answer when her pictures all come out unsharp, i overheard she said to bring the camera to this shop for repairs and when the return her the camera she when for an wedding assignment and all the pictures turn out burrly.

Moral of the story, if you intend to shoot, please test your equipment and use backup, i find the photogs rather irresponsible in this respect.