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    welcome to CS!

    i think wen ur idol come u so nervous hands trembling, ttz y pics all blurr?

    aft shoot so many pics i hav not improved as much as i liked oso...

    hope 2 c u post & pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LollipopGwen
    Hi everyone. I am 18 years old from singapore. I have been in contact with cameras for a few years until last year, after I attend basic photography lesson then only I realise there are so much more interesting knowledge on cameras and photos! I hope to learn more and be able to share my views in here! Hope to learn as much as possible so I could take nice and clear shots no matter in what event!

    I personally like manual function as it is more free for me to adjust the feel of my photos. But, I am still no a pro at it.. >_<;;;

    I own a FZ5, which is my first camera. But, I always complain it can't take nice pictures at dark events. I always bring my FZ5 to chase after idols, but most of my pictures turn out to be blur. >_< Hope I will be able to upgrade my camera abit more... like owning a tripod or ext. flash...etc.

    Anyway, hope to be able to interract more with you guys here!

    hello! you're using FZ5 too eh? same here... feel free to PM me if you need any info. . .

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