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Thread: Progress Package

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanqiang1011
    You spelled wrongly... Its "ELECTION", not "ERECTION"...
    I think its pretty obvious those guys know what they're typing. In case u don't know, there's a keyword screening here that replaces flagged words with ***.

    I'm not pro ruling party, but the opp. is a joke. They're not even campaigning on REAL issues. "new poor?" What kinda trash is that. As much as I like to support them I don't cos they're jokers. At the very least, choose REAL issues. Don't oppose for the sake of it. Do it cos you have an alternative... something better to offer. How do you check n balance if you have no alternative to offer. I can also say no. No this, no that. But can I offer something better? If I can't, I'll stay at home and let someone who can do the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtemujin
    Yeah, waiting for the public transport fare to go up in 3 months time after the election.
    another 5% increase of GST on the way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwitan
    That's why you vote for the Opposition Parties so that check and balances can be put in place to prevent the P@P dogs from abusing their power . I can't wait for the Chiku Man to rot.
    Thread closed.

    Members are reminder that CS will not tolerate any discussions of politics in any form.


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