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    Glad to see so many pple on my supposedly first SEED outing organised by Wolfgang (whom I'm supposed to have known way back and I didn't realise!!). Missed out a lot of pple's name as there's simply too many pple and got to shoot shoot shoot!! I guess end up most pple just shot buildings instead of Christmas lightings...

    Wah, very tired liao, my contribution for tonight... need to ZZZZzzzzzzzz...... process the rest tmr!

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    cool!! good use of your star-6

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    using star-6 filter?

    hm...are u the one using 602 with a Metz flash??

    i am the one with monopod
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    Yeap, that was me!! But pardon me, but I didn't really notice anyone using a monopod there... Tweek always says that I have very poor SA (situational awareness)...

    BTW, how to use monopods to take night shots?!

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    ahh! x'mas lights!!!

    Thanks for reminding me of christmas!
    Good pic!

    * I'm still dreaming of S602...

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    Originally posted by petaflopz

    * I'm still dreaming of S602...
    Save save save, then buy buy buy.


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