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Thread: buy lens together cheaper or not?

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    Default buy lens together cheaper or not?

    if there is no MO, then if we buy lens together (say 2, 3 ppl go to the shop and buy)
    will we get better price?
    i intend to buy the sigma 17-70 at MS color (i called them and they tell me 599), anyone wanna go?

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    Default Re: buy lens together cheaper or not?

    IMHO, dun bother with MO for stuffs more than few hundred dollars. most of the time the MO falls thru due to lack of interest, pple backing out, etc.

    anyway, i doubt you can get better price outta MOs, since the quantity is not much. typically, if u can secure few tens of buyers, wld advise u not to waste ur time waiting for list to fill to an appreciable qty.


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