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Thread: 54G to another 54G client

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    Default 54G to another 54G client

    anyone tried transferring file from a 54G wireless to another 54G wireless, connected locally?

    I can only sustain 1.4mbytes per sec.

    router linksys 54g v4 with DD-wrt v23

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    Default Re: 54G to another 54G client

    i tink that is way much slower of what a 802.11g/b connection is expected to run. when running on the newer 11g version, you shd expect about 35mbps connection (when RF conditions are good) which is about 4.5Mbytes/s.

    hence check a few things,

    1. ensure that both the terminals are using the latest 802.11g to communicate. if a 11b (or 11a) device is used, the system automatically falls back to the slower connection speed.

    2. check that no one is leeching on ur bandwidth by securing your wireless connection
    3. RF signal is sufficiently strong

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    Default Re: 54G to another 54G client

    both are connecting at 54. SNR on both is around -35 to -45.

    router is MAC address bounded.

    anyway I have been reading up it seems that linksys as a flaw in the routers.. hence v1-5. the max they can do is 15mbps on wireless. that that is the 54GS model. I am just wondering anyone else experiencing it?

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    Default Re: 54G to another 54G client

    wah pengz.. i just tested.. from internet to wireless client i can sustain 4.2Mbytes per sec.
    but from wireless client to another client still 1.5Mbytes

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    Default Re: 54G to another 54G client

    let me correct the internet to laptop..

    2.7Mbytes per sec. is the sustain transfer.

    the burst i see is 4.2Mbytes per sec.

    which still doesnt explain why local client is only 1.5Mb.

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    Default Re: 54G to another 54G client

    try changing channels? the channel u currently using might be used by other nearby access points/routers...

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    thought about that too. I used netstumbler to see nearby AP what channel they are using. most are using Ch6. only 1 is ch11.

    I'm using Ch1.


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