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Thread: M1 -why do ppl still subscribe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiskiz
    I concur with comments so far - that M1's really not that good after all. I find their roaming services ridiculous. For users who may need roaming only once in a while, the require you to activate it... then pay for it.. and when u not using roaming... deactivate it again.. if not you'll continue paying for the "ability to roam". For pple who travel only like twice or 3 times a year, not worthwhile to keep roaming while being stuck in spore rite.

    Got enough of their activating and deactivating... and switched to Singtel who's got pay-as-you-roam. Even though its not very cheap... but sure beats activating and deactivating (which requires a fee each time you do it!)
    All telcos has pay as you roam services now...
    so what is the differences between pay as you roam and auto roaming services?
    pay as you roam charges are much higher as compare to auto roaming, however you pay subscriptions for auto roaming services. Alot of other technically differences in pay as you roam and auto roaming but shall not go into it.
    Bottom line no matter pay as you roam or auto roaming, telcos are sucking your blood big time
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    I also personally prefer M1 due to the coverage as well as service attitude. I gaev up on Singtel due to their "take it or leave it mentality"... I chose to leave...
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    I'm paying a 45% discount on my Ultimate line.

    Not worth it to change to a Singtel or Starhub equivalent.Been using it since 1997..can't say I have much problems with the company.Signal strength's clear and I've moved away from contract phone packages.

    So point for me to change.
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    M1 does not value loyal customers.[/QUOTE]

    Can't agree with you more, I see that some of you are receiving vouchers every 2 years, but I have been with M1 for almost 10 years now, have never received anything from them. Sounds like one have to make some noise before they will take care of you

    looking at the offers that they have, you get a better deal as a new subscriber and as a upgrader, you always have to pay extra 100 bucks more. There was once I cancel my plan and resubscribe as a new customer to take advantage of their plan, and the guy at the counter as me, "why are you cancelling and resubscribing, you are not taking advantage of your time already spent on M1," I then show him the price I was paying then and compare it with the money I would have to pay as a new subscriber (which was lower), and asked him "if you were me, which one would you choose?" he then tell me I could always talk to the customer officer, but why should I have to initiate, it is their interest to try to retain me...............anyway, my contract ending this aug, lets see what they have for me

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    Just went to SH and banged table and got a $50 discount voucher after calling them twice and didn't get back to me in 2 weeks. I also redeemed other $50 in my rewards points as well. Now it's time for phone upgrade and Starhub here I come again...

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