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    OK! I have finally bought my NCP with my 5050! I am extremely pleased with it. Bought from AP for $145 (Sam). Rest of shops in SLS were selling the NCP 256MB for $160 onwards. NCP is a local brand with one year receipt warranty.

    The write speed performance of the various CF cards wrt 5050:
    (HQ mode at 5MP)

    IBM MD 340MB 8s (slow...)

    Sandisk 32MB 9s (slow......)

    Digicard 128MB 9s (slow......)

    Sandisk Ultra 256MB 3s! (Hmm....not bad...)

    NCP 20x 256MB 1.8s!!!!!! (WOW!!!!!)

    Compare this with the xD card which the 5050 is presumably optimised for:

    Olympus 128MB xD 2s

    Ridata Smartmedia 128MB 2s

    I thought CF are generally slower. In fact, some sites actually say that CF ARE slower the xD. Well, I guess NCP has beaten it!

    So, I agree with ghostrider, the NCP card seems to be the best card for the 5050.

    References :
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