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    It has been sometime since I last picked up my camera. Working life is taking its toll on my photography, both in terms of available shooting time and quality. This morning after a fantastic nites sleep, I took out my camera and slapped on my favourite 35mmf2 and headed ... out... out of my room for a few snaps. Everytime I switch on my D100, it whirls into life (AF), its such a great feeling it still delivers every single time.

    Its so refreshing to shoot again!

    #1: Self Portrait, 2006
    #2: Greens, 2006
    #3: A fleeting Moment, 2006

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    like the texture of your B&W. care to share your post processing ? thanks

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    a good dose of underexposure seems to lend my b/ws a surreal feel. I like shooting wide open also for the smoothness and the glow. Other than that, careful channel mixing and some vignetting.

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    hey.. I like your DOF.. simply wonderful!
    the D100 is still a good tool in the hand...


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