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Thread: Dopod 900 vs O2 Atom

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    Default Re: Dopod 900 vs O2 Atom

    But I heard dopod after sales service not very good... is this true?

    been dissuaded from buying a dopod...
    I go by feel... Never followed the rules.

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    Default Re: Dopod 900 vs O2 Atom

    For those thinking of changing and have friends working in HP, this looks like a good deal.

    IPAQ rw6828 FnF Overtrade Program
    Program validity: 1 July - 31 July

    Purchase the rw6828 at the HP FnF Online Store at $949 (usually $1199). You can even pay by 0% installment, delivery is free! Must act quickly, offer period is limited. Open to all Family & Friends of HP people! (Regular HP staff to buy from EPP. Dealers cannot participate)
    Trade-in Requirements, Terms & Conditions:

    Cut out the Serial Number from the iPAQ rw6828 box.
    Collect the HP invoice that you receive 4-7 days after the delivery. Original Cutouts & Invoices please. Copies not valid!

    Bring your trade-in Handheld. Specific models only as below:
    Your Identity Card for phone registration
    Trade-In Unit Trade-In Value * Cost of rw6828
    O2 Atom $900 $49
    Dopod 818 Pro $750 $199
    O2 XDA Mini or HP h6515 $500 $449
    Palm Treo 650 or IPAQ 6365 $400 $549

    * Trade-in value is subject to the physical and working condition of the PDA Phone
    Bring the Trade-in unit, rw6828 box Serial Cutout & Invoice to PC Pro to get your cash! For free no obligation evaluation on the value of your PDA, please visit:

    PCPro Computer Services
    109 North Bridge Road #05-41 Funan DigitalLife Mall
    Tel: 65355038
    Operating Hours: Monday - Sundays (11am 8 pm) Public Holidays (Closed)

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    Default Re: Dopod 900 vs O2 Atom

    Love Dopod 900 screen resolution. It is VGA 640x480 pixels. Hate the size.

    Hopefully new replacement for Dopod 900 is like Dopod 818. Hopefully next year with WindowsMobile 6. If that time come, I will upgrade my o2 mini.

    Atom not so good at its body. Easier to get dirty with your palm's grease.


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    Yeah, the new batches of PPCs with Phone capablities like the Asus P525 looks promising, and with Asus that pretty much meant rather more reasonable pricing. Plus it comes with the conventional mobile phone keypad, which I would prefer than using a third-party onscreen keyboard for my PPC. Im still getting headache when inputing on my 6828, and I might just consider changing it soon...

    Another set that worth the attention will be BlackBerry 7130v. The local-designed Qool Labs QDA Lite might entices PPC users as well.

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    Default Re: Dopod 900 vs O2 Atom

    I'm waiting for the O2 TyTN.

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