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Thread: varta batteries, strong smell?

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    Default varta batteries, strong smell?

    Hi people,

    I just bought the 4 AA Varta 15min quick charger.

    On my first charging, the whole charger gives off a very strong chemical smell? Is that normal? I don't remember my other chargers smelling so bad during charging...

    Anyway found the varta charger and batteries at homefix. $90 for the charger + 4AA. Not very good price

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    means 2 things. that (1) you are getting a new charger with all the new electronic components inside. (2) charger might be too hot as it's pumping extremely high currents into the batteries.

    anyway, advise is to force-cool the batts when doing quick charging, since batt receive charges more readily in cooler temperatures.

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    the charger and the batteries are all new. First charge. But it REALLY stinks. I had to open up all the windows....

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    Default Re: varta batteries, strong smell?

    wow varta. my mum used to work in their factory till they closed down like 9yrs ago in singapore? now they're like based in germany? hmmm you can take the batts back and ask about it.
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