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    Just came back from a trip from thailand and got many pictures which i personally like.. would like to print out something like a photography book with my pictures and some commentary for my family and something like a coffee table book for visitors.

    was thinking of doing something up on msoft word and sending it for printing to those printing shops around town to be printed on an appropriate paper.

    i was wondering if anyone has tried to do something similar, and if there were any specific shops that can cater to what i'm trying to do.. thanks.
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    you can try pixart. it's based in KL, Malaysia. the turnaround is pretty fast. i tried printing a book with them. the binding is so-so but otherwise, it's pretty convenient for a one-stop service.

    fotohub is probably going to launch a coffeetable book printing service though i don't have the exact details for it. i have only seen the pamphlet for it.

    with DIY you have to source for the printer and then the binder. you probably have to run around to look at paper and printing samples. check what kind of toners they use. i have yet to find one that prints the quality i'd like (though it could be i didn't look hard enough). these are on laser xerox. inkjet printing should yield much better quality.


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