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    Hrm... anyone know where's a good place to get those er.. lanyard, landyar... grrr... those strings, or clips and passholders? Looking for appro 70mm x 90mm portrait passholders.

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    2nd Storey, Funan Center. The Stationary Superstore, beside escalator at MacDonald's end.

    Plenty on a rack beside the Cashier. Even those retractable ones.

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    Yes, it's called a lanyard.
    You can find them at any good stationary stores. Popular stocks them also.

    But if you need to have customised ones in large quantity (e.g. having your organisation name printed on it), you'll need to go to the supplier to get them done.

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    popular sells them at <$2 ea
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    check boon lay stationary

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    the stationery shop at golden shoe carpark sells only S$1, usable lah..

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    Lanyard easy to find, about $1. Grrr.. it's the pass holder that's tough, probably cos of the size I need. End up got a bookshop to order from supplier. Grrr....

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