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    Is this snake pic appealing to you?
    What is the best way to take snake picture in the nature?
    I happen to spot this snake in Lim Chu Kang during my outing.
    Take a quick few shoots before it dissapear into the bush.
    Comment welcome,....anyone know what snake is this?

    Another pic can be found here:

    Thank you.
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    I kind of like the inquisitive look on the snake .
    No offence, it has a rather comical look on it.

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    I like how the head is in sharp focus along with the 'smiley' face but I think the shot could have benefitted from a greater depth of field. Still, its a good job capturing an elusive creature.

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    Thank you Ne clicks clicks (cool nick name) and Eel for your comment.
    NE, what you said maybe true. The snake head does have comical look.
    Probably due to smiley face as mention by EEL.

    Well, wont be so funny anymore if the snakes strike at me

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    Its a Paradise Tree Snake (Chrysopelea paradisi).
    Please correct it if I'm wrong.

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    hi otaru 73,

    this is a good capture.. however the log in focus on the left of the pic is distracting.. plus a little attention to technical details can bring even more out of this picture...

    perhaps a tighter crop to remove the log and get the snake hood at the golden point, little more DOF to include part of the body would be perfect.

    thats just my 2 cents worth...

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    Agree about the comments so far. Perhaps you can blur out the log? I like how the head is in focus
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    nice capture, i always wanted to take pics of wild snakes... >.<

    haven got the chance to see one yet.. or else its see one but no cam with me... -_-""

    i would suggest what raptor mentioned, blur out the log totally... but next time if you encounter a snake with a nice skin pattern like this one, a greater dof would be nice, i think it would look quite cool to see the whole skin texture.

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    Thank you for the commenting Morphis, Neoliyam, Raptor84 and Arcanic.
    Know nothing about snake, but I will just agree with you Morphis.
    I dont think I will have a chance to meet same snake for 2nd time, otherwise I will go buy TOTO liow.

    The blog has been blur using PS now after the advice. Thanks. I agree with you all.
    DOF wise, nothing can be done. I suppose I am too kanchong when I spotted the snake and I forgot about all the setting. Just trigger happy. Before that I was shooting mud skipper, so the setting remaind as it is.

    Arcanic, here is additional photo showing the texture (please click the link)


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