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    where can i find the driver for model DMC FX8 digi cam? i cannot find it online & the girl @local support center says i have to buy one from a Mr. Goh at Hill Street. Arent drivers supposed to be Free? i'm not good with tech stuff, pls help.. many thanks Pansonicians

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    What is the functions of the driver that you are looking for? If you want to down load pictures from the camera to the PC, as long as you are using Window XP/2000, you don't need any driver. Make sure you set the USB mode to storage from the camera, use the supplied USB cable connecting the camera to the PC. You will see the camera appeared as removable drive in the file explorer, just copy and paste the picture to where you want to.

    But if you are looking for some drives that you didn't mention, then I can not help.

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    Think you didn't search hard enough...

    Anyway, the driver is on the first link on google when I do a simple search at
    Hope this helps.


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