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    Just took a bus ride this morning. Instead of the usual 85 cents it charge me a whopping 1.35. I went to the MRT station to view the transaction, but only can see the record but could not print it.

    Any idea if the refund mechanism is better now or is it the same **** in which you have to go to buona vista to do the refund? Anyway i was wondering if it is because i forgotten to tap while i board and subseqeuntly i tap when i alight, therefore the max charge? if that is the case, it really sucks!

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    Eh, if you didn't tap when entry, then congratulations.. you saved $$..

    They don't deduct max when you don't tap on entry but exit. The exit reader will show "Board at Entry" if you tried to exit without entry.

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    You can go to any ticket office in any MRT stations for refund.

    I once tap at entry but as i alight from front, due to the driver's negligence, i double tap at entry. Got my refund at Bugis MRT, which is near my workplace.


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