Hi all,

I'm looking for working professional photographers and non-professionals alike who are working on weddings, journalistic projects, fashion/studio work or any photography related work whatsoever who need an assistant or an extra hand during their work. I'm interested to have plenty of field work under my belt and looking to hone my skills further by working with someone more experienced and professionally trained.

I've had a few years eperience with photography so I'm not totally clueless and would hopefully be of help. I'm also familiar with the film and video medium as I graduated from the School of Film & Media Studies at Ngee Ann Poly. I'm also not asking for market rates. Just as long as I feel that the situation is favourable and I won't screw myself over for the month I'm willing to do the job.

So anyone with contacts for people who need assistants and if you yourself feel you need one feel free to post me a message or mail me at khaleidoscope@gmail.com. Cheers.