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    Hi, need advices from experts here......
    I loaded my mcafee 2006. Just one problem here and need help.
    The SpamKiller for e-mail changes my incoming mail account setting everytime when I on my PC looking for incoming mails. I need to manually set back to the singnet incoming mail setting. Anyone have the same problem?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You mean the POP settings ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayschampion
    You mean the POP settings ?
    yes.....the pop setting as well as the server name.

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    its one of the worse, if not, worst spamkiller i've ever used, and it not only kill spams, it kills your mails, every mail you sent will not be saved in the sent directory... so ended up cannot followup unless i cc to myself which is rather stupid.
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    I'm getting sick of this software........really waste of $$....too good that it blocks almost everything for you.....even viewing photo images in the internet. Well, I may be dunnu how to set it properly in order to have the software running normal but as far as concern the e-mail thing is really a Is the most stupidest anti virus software I ever come across.
    so for those who buying this software do please take note...........


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