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Thread: Transit in Narita

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    Default Re: Transit in Narita

    OK, here is some info for u hope it's useful:

    1. If the transit is more than 4 hrs, you can get out of the airport
    2. Boarding pass should be issued from SG all the way to your final destination, so you don't need to check in again at Narita airport if you get out. Just go straight to the immigration, this will saves you valueable time
    3. But make sure you give yourself buffer for the immigration clearance, there might be Q and could be as long as half an hour depending on the amount of flights departure at that period
    4. Make sure you have the visa if you are not holding visa waiver passport
    5. No need to pay Japan airport tax becoz it's less than 24 hrs transit

    If I were you, I will not take risk to go to Tokyo, it's just not worth the 2hrs journey back and forth, Narita village will be a good choice....just pop in any restaurant and go for the noodles

    Here is the noodle than I had at Fasola restaurant in the Narita Transit lounge

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    Default Re: Transit in Narita

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfgang
    Dear All,

    Just wondering if anyone can help....

    I have abt 5 hrs + for transit at Narita and was wondering if it would be practical to take a train (bullet train?) down to Toyko for a quick walk around and a bowl of ramen?

    If so, do advice how i can go about it. I really do not want to get lost in Japan....

    Thank you.
    a lot of gd advise on taking the train. just one point to take note. there may b few train operators running from the same station. dont buy the wrong ticket n board the wrong train. lines are color coded. if u r moving around, n not sure if ya on the correct line, check for color on the train, the station n even along the track. gd luck.

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