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Thread: My panorama craze!!

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    Nice panoramas.

    What software do you use to stitch them together?
    I use the stitch func in the olympus camedia pgm, but I tend to always have ghosting effects at the stitch joints.
    Care to share any tips? Thanks.

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    I am using ArcSoft Panorama Maker 3.0 that comes with my camera. It's an intelligent software that does the stitching well.

    To take good panoram, make sure there is no close object nearby that throws the stitching program haywire. What I mean is that position yourself correctly and check to see that there is no benches, small shrub nearby. The nearer these objects, the more distorted your stitched scenes will become... A good guide will be about 10 meters away.

    Also, check the weather. Try to take a series of shots all with the same lighting condition. If you look carefully at my fourth pic, the left half is darker than the right half. Also, even with the same lighting condition, at different angles, your pic will turn out different in brightness. So you have to rely on adjusting the exposure or the aperture to try to maintain same brightness outcome in the photos. This also help the stitching program to work better.


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