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    just want to say hi to everyone...I am jason a newbie clubsnap member here.... here are some of the pics i have taken over the years... all these are with my old 2 megapixel nikon ... so please forgive if resolution not that good...

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    Cardbox chess set made during army

    Taking a rest..

    Sunset at Narita Airport

    Sunset at Waikiki beach

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    My kids that i took charge of...

    Waiting at changi

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    Default Photos not available.

    Maybe you should use some other picture hosting website.
    Fotopic doesn't like Clubsnap.

    But Clubsnap photography galleries likes Clubsnap forums.

    Or you could use


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    how come fotopic dun like clubsnap???
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    I think because too many people hot link from them.. thier TOS problably forbids such actions... Welcome to CS btw.
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