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Thread: What good is a 50mm?

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    Default What good for a 50mm?

    What type of photography best suits 50mm prime lenses?
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    Default Re: What good is a 50mm?

    Originally posted by Necroist
    What type of photography best suits 50mm prime lenses?
    Anything that does not mandate the use of teles, superteles, wides and super wides. Anything "normal".

    So you can actually use it for street, some travel photography, some architecture, etc. It's a great way to exercise and practise your compositional skills.


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    Default other advantages

    besides photographic situations:

    a 50mm prime lens is also cheap to produce. a new 50mm prime lens from nikon, canon, et al would be the cheapest lens you can get new from the manufacturer, AFAIK.

    yet the same cheap lens is of a superior standard and quality.

    a 50mm prime lens would usually also have a large aperture eg less than f2 - f1.9, 1.8, etc. you get a brighter viewfinder image and you can tackle dimmer lighting conditions.

    as a beginner, i started off with a 50mm prime lens and stuck with it for about a year before getting a 24mm prime lens. the time when i bought the 24mm was when i felt the need to shoot wide, especially in enclosed and tight space.

    otherwise, a 50mm lens is as perfectly adequate as other lens, in my opinion.

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    Using this len will produce picture that closely resembled what our human eye see.

    It is cheap and light to carry, making it a good beginner lens. Season photographer still use them though.


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