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Thread: Dunlop Tyres

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    Quote Originally Posted by litefoot
    Eagle F1 GS-D3? Its Goodyear.
    oh yeah.
    getting senile liao.

    as for PCD, some rims offer double PCD, so not much to worry about.

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    I originally wanted the Eagle F1s to replace my worn and terrible Continental contisportcontacts (which are horrible btw, esp in the wet) but the dude at the shop (which my father regularly goes to for i dunno how many donkey years) recommended Michelin Pilot Precedas instead. Anyway, long story short, i think he made the right call. These tyres offer the best mix of dry grip, wet grip, low noise, supposedly longer life, etc. Highly recommended.

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    I nearly lost my car when i was using Dunlop tyres... nvr trusted them after that.

    now, i'm using goodyear GSD3.

    what is most impt is that what kinda of tyres u prefer... grip (dry/wet)? noise? comfort? no point advicing u good grip tyres where u wanted low noise.

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