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Thread: for the apple users..

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    Default for the apple users..

    if you use a mac for processing..
    was wondering what is the difference between the
    firewire 400 port and firewire 800 port?
    it it only to do with speed related issues? (physical design is the same?)
    just wondering
    Regards, Mark Pang

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    Default Re: for the apple users..

    Speed of transfer from IEEE 1394 devices to the system, eg: cardreader, but that's also if the IEEE 1394 device supports FW800 as well.

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    Default Re: for the apple users..

    the connectors are different. i guess if you have a fw800 hdd you might see some speed improvements in disk access. so far havent come across any fw800 card readers.

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    Default Re: for the apple users..

    er...FW800 also for windows too...but prob only useful at the moment if you have to connect multiple harddrives in RAID to your computer...cause harddrive read speed is the problem at the moment, not bandwidth speed...I think Buffalo or someone has such a product somewhere cause think I remember seeing it at ITshow...cardreaders at the moment don't even make use of the full bandwidth of FW400 or USB2 HS...and for teathered shooting, even Phase One says that FW400 is good enough for their P45 39Mpixel backs...


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