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Thread: Three new DSC-P digital cameras from Sony

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    Default Three new DSC-P digital cameras from Sony

    Sony has today announced three new 'entry level' DSC-P digital cameras. The DSC-P31 and DSC-P51 are both two megapixel digital cameras, the P31 with a fixed 33 mm equiv. lens, the P51 with a 2x optical zoom (41 - 82 mm equiv.). The DSC-P71 has a three megapixel CCD sensor plus a three times optical zoom lens. All three cameras feature a new three area multi-point AF mode, Memory Stick storage, 320 x 240 MPEG HQX video recording, a new full range of white balance settings and take two AA batteries.

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    its a cheaper version of p series.. so P5 is still the better one. Esp movie EX with sound where the P71 dont have sound. Sound in the movie files is important.. i use it quite a bit with my sony.


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