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    Hi everyone

    Just wondering if any of you guys keep a blog? I've had one since I was 17, and I love writing and posting for many reasons. Unfortunately, because blogs belong to the public sphere, one can't control one's readership. I find that when readership starts to grow (I currently get about 2000 hits a day), the number of "nasty" comments increases as well.

    What is the deal with these people? Famous bloggers like Daphne (the original pinkshoefetish) and Xiaxue have plenty of detractors as well, so this isn't a new phenomenon. That's the thing that puzzles me - why would anyone want to leave nasty comments on a stranger's blog? What KIND of person does such a thing?

    As a blogger I understand that it's beyond my control to prevent people from saying what they want on my blog. I just can't help shaking my head at why people delight in doing such things.

    If you're feeling a little bored, you can check out this entry to get an idea of what I'm talking about:

    Anyway, for my case I think it's probably because I don't take crap from anyone and I just shoot my mouth off and stand up for what I believe in. That probably pisses some people off.

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    I think there's two things at play here. Firstly, anonymity, people feel that because they are anonymous on the internet that they can say whatever they like - whether they feel it or not - this can be a good thing, i.e. to speak your mind, but in many cases it's usually only done to hurt or more usually just to get a reaction - this is the second point. The poster is usually after attention, either from the blogger or someone else. It's their own 15 minutes of anonymous fame - the best way to get rid of these people is to ignore them, they will eventually move on. Responding to their comments especially in a reactionary way is exactly what they want and provides more fuel for their fire. If you are going to react, and that is your preragative, then maybe do it in such way as to take the sting out of their tail so to speak - do a search on CS for posts by 'student' he seems to do this very well....
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    my guess that its natural that when one gets famous...there are other green-eyed ones....either they try make you 'seem not so famous' by saying bad things...or juz saying bad stuff for the fun of see you make a fuss.

    pretty pointless to entertain trolls...they juz want the attention. Deprive it. Juz be more hardworking...keep track and keep deleting nonsense mean comments.
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    Ignoring is the best!
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    blogs are logs for you to rant on and xiaxue has made blogging good. she's getting alot of sponsered trips and free gifts and invitation to the hippest party. that's one good thing about blogging but then again, there's bound to be ppls who hate you once u have quite a number of readers.

    and depending on the content, it's very contradicting in some ways. i once had a blog but was flamed in irc and everything till i deleted the whole blog in other to protect my privacy and those of my friends. and even if you delete it, blogspot or whatever domain has a copy of your blog still haha. so be careful.
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    why hello there hottie

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    The more you fan, the worse the flames get.

    Well look on the bright side, if I had posted images of you, it'd might have been worse

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    haha...i've been reading urs religiously for some time alr!
    aniways, there are things tat u can control and things u can't in life.
    get a grip on those u can and ignore those u can't.
    in that way, u'll be lots happier!!!! cheer up!

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    When fans rise, trolls rise exponentially to a ratio of like 1 fan to 3 trolls.

    Get used to it girl. When u realise some things in this world are far much more worse den juz cruel and dumb remarks on the blog, u'll get numb from anything like forum board trollers to blog trollers and these guys would probably just be a pasttime for u to vent out whatever stress's accumulated at work at the end of the day.

    Oh BTW, haven't thanked u for the 1st April shoot.... yet. Its great working with u.
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    You know what, take their comments as a compliment. They have taken the time and made the effort to make a comment on YOUR blog. There are millions of blogs out there and of all those they chose yours. Regardless of their motivation in posting the comments they do, they still chose YOUR blog, so just thank them for their comments and move on as if they don't exist - don't take their bait, rise above it...
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