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Thread: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

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    Default Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    Lestat: What, don't you want her?
    Claudia: I want to be her.

    Michael as Lestat
    Faith as Claudia
    Teddy as himself

    I'm a total Anne Rice fan, and I especially love her Vampire chronicles series. Just wanted to pay a little tribute to her with this little quote from Interview w/ the Vampire.

    Don't they look... hungry?


    And, Claudia was a dolly collector too ^_^
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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    MORE pls

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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    tall guy should be placed more on the left...

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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    Hahaha! I remember that scene!

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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    Nice outfits. You managed to portray the dark, gothic mood here.

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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    didn't read any of anne rice's books...
    but i absolutely loved the motion picture....
    and i absolutely hated claudia..
    i absolutely like your picture no doubt...

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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    S11loop: ^_^ thank you~ yes, more spam will be appearing soon.

    hazekang: hmm~ I quite like him in the centre, because he is the central character of IWTV, but I agree the positioning could be improved.

    Zplus: hehe~ I'm a IWTV geek. that was definitely the turning point of their 'happy family relationship'. ^_^

    Garion: Thank you Garion, somehow it just came together, I need the rest of the charas now. ^_^

    bigbun: Well I didn't like Claudia from the movie either, she comes across really creepy and twisted. And possessive, but her character from the books is very compelling, and she doesn't come across as so petulant and spoilt.
    thank you^_^

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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    I'm not into doll nor gundam photography and I'm no expert on such stuff but this intrigued me... maybe it's the intense eyes
    I think the setup was also very nicely done and the framing is positively tight...

    In fact, I liked it so much I downloaded it to play with. Maybe I'm influenced by 'nosferatu', 'vampire hunter D' & artwork of RG Veda and felt the vampires should look alittle more pale, slightly ghostly, yet retain a little bit of what's left of their humanity (blue eyes) Hope you dont mind, not trying to force my taste/opinion is better (it probably sucks) but I like this photo quite a bit & this is how I saw L. & C. from IWTV =)

    Will comply to remove asap... desaturated, curve up, less saturation, selective coloring...

    nice gallery btw, can see your passion for dolls & photography

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    Default Re: Interview with the Vampire (BJDs) ~Doll cosplay

    Ah.....Lestat de Lioncourt nicely done....maybe Louis n Armand next


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