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    Yes I went back there again. The peacefulness of this place never fails to soothe me, and there is this (non sinister) presence that I could feel there. Here we go...

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    Let me fly....

    Continuation to the second part.
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    Originally posted by Tweek

    This pic is fantastic!! Looks like your experimentation with bolder composition paid off.

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    Whao great pictures !!! Mind if i ask what camera u used or scanner ??

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    thanks darkness.

    thanks sljm. These were taken with the D30, and Tokina ATX 80-200 f2.8, some with kenko 2x TC.

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    may i know where is this cemetery? and what time of the day did you took these pics?

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    The cemetery is along Upper Serangoon road, near Cedar Girl's School. Time was between 9am to 11am. You can get there by taking 13 from Bishan MRT, same side of the road as the MRT.


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