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Thread: Newbie to the forum from Jurong!

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    Default Newbie to the forum from Jurong!

    Hi everyone. Been reading the forum for quite a while and decided to be a member!

    I'm interested in modelling and is currently working towards being one. I understand it is hard for a male to succeed in the modeling world but I am willing to learn. That's about me for joining the forum and I'm glad to be here!

    Hmm, I know that there are many experience photographers around here. Just wondering, do any of you know of a location where there is a grand piano which a model can play for a photoshoot? For a journalisting shoot, I think that's what it's called. Haha.

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    Welcome to THE CLUB! Hope u enjoy yr time here and i am sure u will find lots of photographer/modelling frens! Sorry cant answer yr question as I dun paly any grand piano haha

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    haha.. thanx for the welcome! yes, i've made a few photographers/modelling frens already! they're cool ppl.

    i was wondering where i can find a grand piano cos my gf has got a photographer hu's willing to shoot outdoor for me. so I need a location. would be glad if someone could help out.


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