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    Unhappy Dirty sensor??

    I have a Canon 300D. There are some smudges on my photos that do not seem to go away. I sent the camera for cleaning at Canon about 6 months ago but never checked them to ensure problems went away.
    PLease see the image here. Are the highlighted dots caused by my sensor being dirty? What to do to remove these? Thanks

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    You can confirm again by stopping down your aperture to something like f/22 and shooting a few shots into the blue sky or a blank wall (set AF to manual and off focus the shot works better).

    If the black 'dots' stays at the same area for all the pics, then it's likely to be sensor dust. There are many methods of sensor cleaning, from blower method to the self-service copperhill method. You can do a search on these topics, which have been discuss many times before.

    If you decide to send it to Canon for professional cleaning, which they normally can get it done within 30 mins, use the same method and shoot into a nearby white wall to check for spots. I sometimes shoot at any piece of white paper on the service counter to check as well....

    Good luck.....

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