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    Thanks for viewing.

    It was taken along Arab Street, did some post-processing.

    C & C will be appreciated.

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    mind if I ask if you shot first, add title later or had title in mind, then shoot the photo?

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    i would say shooting and the title come to my mind at the same time.

    and may i ask why this question?

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    Rev post a very interesting question, a question I'd been trying to come to grasp these days as well. Some photographers tend to play heavily on pre-visualisation, which is good in the sense that your image would almost certainly give you a sense of fulfilment, if you know that is the shot that you wanted. Then again, there's really no way to divorce the process of photography into pre-shooting, shooting and post-shooting nicely. Ideas keep changing along the way, and that in itself posits a question on when pre-visualisation actually stops and the visualisation process starts.

    I have no idea why Rev post the question, for I am not Rev, and I definitely don't think that I know what he's thinking. Anyhow, I think the question for when the idea (the title, the intention) was formulated seems inconsequential IMO, for the idea is totally contradictory to the shot. It's obvious that you are looking from the outside inwards, since the building is place on the other side. In fact, when I first saw the title, I was like thinking, what is being confined? Apparently, nothing...

    I guess the picture would work, if you were actually inside shooting out. In this case, your intention is simply the opposite to the picture, making the whole presentation a bad one.

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    the photo didnt appeal to me... unfortunately, I stereotyped the photo as a result of 'walk around, shoot first, add title later'... And I asked that question because I prefer to see the merits of the photo, because everybody sees things differently, and that interests me greatly, it broadens my perception. So I became more curious how you framed this shot instead of giving a critique.

    But dont get me wrong, it's not a bad photo, the elements of 'confined' - high building & barbed wire are present. Maybe it's the framing with the sun, the slight dull contrast of the photo, maybe the straight building pointing to the bright sun (hope), dark clouds (ominous)... that didnt move me to feel 'confined'. From your answer, it's more like 'title first, frame in viewfinder & then shoot', maybe a distorted view (wide-angle, fisheye, telephoto) or a different subject would be better.. I dunno.. I dont think I could do any better...

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    woot...really critique sia... anyways, if you had gone a little further with your post processing, maybe some dodging and burning and tweaking the levels, to create a more 'morbid' environment would have probably brought more justification for the shot being titled 'confined'.
    in my opinion, if the subject cannot fully and strongly express the meaning of the composition, utilizing the environment and the foreground can help at times.
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    thank you all very much for the critique and comment.

    i have certainly learnt a lot here and will definitely continue learning.

    hopefully i'll show some improvement in my next post.


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