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Thread: Why these leaves are so different?

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    Default Why these leaves are so different?

    Saw these two shots, the leaves in sigma shot appear to me like pixelated, and very unnatural
    compared to Canon. What is the phenomenon in Sigma shot called?

    Sigma 18-50 F/2.8 Ex shot
    EF17-40 F/4L shot

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    Default Re: Why these leaves are so different?

    ermz this phenomenon called..
    1) not enough zoom
    2) comparing durians with rambutans
    3) asking rather a silly question

    When max size of each leaf is only about 5 pixels big, comparing against leaves (taken under totally different lighting conditions, focused at different distances, taken using different focal lengths) which are about a couple of hundreds of pixels big.. I'll say it's pixelated too.
    Not to mention leaves of a totally different plant which are of different density, colour shapes and sizes.

    Perhaps you could clarify your question with similar shots of the same plant under similar conditions.
    Or best to provide appropriate 100% crops.

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    Default Re: Why these leaves are so different?

    Another silly question from me hor.
    Why in sigma shot, the trees look like painting, while in Canon, it looks more like real?

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    Default Re: Why these leaves are so different?

    because the canon shot was probably taken at a later part of the afternoon. i reckon that the sigma shot was taken when the sun was still high in the sky.

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    Default Re: Why these leaves are so different?


    DOnt forget the wind and gust factor. Many reviews forget this as this is actually true as we are not in a vacuum world. Rustling wind effects on leaves may be misjudged with image

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    Default Re: Why these leaves are so different?

    Was there any special reason why you chose these two (very different) shots to be compared? What were you trying to compare - the lens performance? Pardon me, because usually lens performance isusually done using the same scene.

    The photo taken with the Sigma lens is heavily de-noised/despecked, as shown in the "watercolour" effect of the photo, especially in the shadow areas. You try taking any photo and over-apply the Photoshop "Dust & Scratches" or "Despeckle" filter to achieve the same effect.

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    Default Re: Why these leaves are so different?

    try to see whether you can find more examples of the "Sigma 18-50 F/2.8 Ex" shot to reach a conclusion. it might be a one off kind of thing which the rest have concluded that it was not a fair comparison.


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