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Thread: Which PDA phone is the best?

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    Default Which PDA phone is the best?

    In terms of features, price aside?

    I am looking at HP, Dopod and O2... please advice. I needed the following: memory slots, wireless LAN, IR, large internal memory and most importantly, fastest chip!

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    Default Re: Which PDA phone is the best?

    This is a good place to look for info:

    Just go to the forum there and do a search. A lot of discussion there on this topic.

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    My bro and I did some research on the current batch of phone PDAs available a few months back when he was going to dump his old SE T68. The Eten M600 came up to be seemingly the best all-round device. You can go google for reviews on the device. Seems pretty solid... although my bro eventually ended up with the SE w900.


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