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Thread: Shots from Shanghai !

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    Default Shots from Shanghai !

    These are some of the pix taken during my SH trip.

    #1 This is at HangZhou :

    #2 This is from ZhouZhuang:

    #3 This is also from ZhouZhuang:

    C&C are welcomed.

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    Errrm Actaully in Crtique corner, you are only allowed to put 1 picture per week.. refer to the guidlines below

    Anyway, for picture number 2, actually it is a lovely moment and nice lighting too But your object is not "standout" enough. I presume that your main object is the two people playing (chinese chess maybe ). But the other 2 guys is a bit distracting. Maybe move closer, try capture from different angle, or wait til the 2 guys has gone


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    Tx for the comments. noted the rules of posting. paiseh, first time posting .


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