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Thread: Why are we self deprecating?

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    Talking for those self deprecating people...

    try this .


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    Originally posted by ninelives

    that exactly what I told you. it is the efford they put on. "They" refer not only to the singer or actor but also the production crew, be it the CG, the directory of photography, the scripter, the co-producer and so on.

    Remember Wan Zhi Liang?? His shows in HK were so hot, coz the story is damn good. But when he came to singapore to cast "golden pillow", yucks.

    In the TV,Movie, music industry, there is no one-man show. This the efford I was talking about.
    well the thing is that local TV esp chinese shows like to jump on the regional bandwagon.... nothing innovative and original.
    self-dep by viewers only? pls look at the number of passe HK or TW artistes we hire at ridiculous prices... showy, shallow, similar.
    as for HK serials, they produce like 10x our output, so out of this 10 1-3 is bound to be better.. but on a volume count they probably have have more crap than us... are we the only country with 10,000,000 versions of "who wants to be a millionaire?"
    local english shows have no real basis unless they wanna do a beverly hills thing.. so we get nice originals like PCK and other comedies, BUT always watching comedies is tiring for the viewer...
    as for ManZi, his early shows are ok... the later ones are rehashes of the tortured, "I've been through bad times" crap whether HK TW SG or khazakstan...
    look at the indian and malay scene, they are worse off, being somewhat neglected budget-wise (at least), many shows still have the 80's look.
    another rant, since I am IT+visual geek, is the so-called $5m CG system (I assume some Iris Indigo farm), and we are still stuck with graphics that look like they came out of Xara3D. And I thought we were an IT hub!
    finally to pose some ahem defence: we are like 1/100th of the size of TW or HK or worse in terms of this demographic slot, so hard to fight.

    criticizing our own is a practice everywhere... but once a foreigner tries it, we will defend it fiercely. Isn't it always (I HOPE)?
    "I'm... dreaming... of a wide... angle~
    Just like the ones I used to know~"

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