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Thread: PD7X won't connect to my PC

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    Default PD7X won't connect to my PC

    As stated above i can't seem to connect the device to my pc. Even after trying to manually detect the new hardware from my control panel but still to much avail. I am trying to copy all the data i had saved into the hdd to the pc window xp service pack 2.

    Can anybody help?

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    Default Re: PD7X won't connect to my PC

    Well i managed to get it working after all by attaching the ac adapter~
    I tot having the batteries in the device should suffice but oh well as long as it is working.

    Please close thread~

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    Talking Re: PD7X won't connect to my PC

    Hi chower,

    I encounter the same problem before.

    When uploading your files to the PC/mac, it is best to connect to the adaptor to transfer your files. The batteries do not provide as stable a connection IMHO. Normally i would switch the PD7x button to "HDD" mode, wait for it to init for a couple of secs (observe the screen), before i plug in the USB cable to the com.

    Try to use the icon at taskbar to disconnect the drive whenever possible. Hope that helps.


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