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Thread: Night Photo Outing April 06

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    I am thinking of going to shoot some night scenary at the following details. I don't mind making it an COL night shoot outing. I can only handle about 10 person at most.

    The outing details:

    Date : 7 April 2006, Friday
    Time : 1830hrs (6.30pm)
    Meet up : Clifford Pier

    Please put yr name & contact number here if u r keen to come along.

    I strongly suggest that if u r using film to use ISO 400 film and above. This is becos some of the shoots can start from a few minutes to an hour. Any slower film u will have to stay there overnight to finsh the film. For digital people, shooting at high ISO will get u a lot of noise for Long exposure. U will need software like neat image or noise ninja in yr post processing....

    The most important thing is to come with a tripod. Wihout a tripod, you are wasting your time.

    Please register yiour interest in the COL forum for easier management.

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    Default Re: Night Photo Outing April 06

    i tink yr shoot is kinda last min.
    if u r holding 1 more tml night (juz incase tonight outing was canceled)
    i wld lik to join u for the shoot..

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    sounds like an interesting shoot, too bad I saw this only now. can I have a look at the photos taken during this outing?


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