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Thread: Anyway to use external flash?

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    Default Anyway to use external flash?

    for camera like Ixus V3, 330 and such, is there anyway to use an external flash with it? or maybe some other option?

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    use a slave flash. does your camera do a pre-flash (i.e. fire off a series of tiny amount of flash to measure exposure before the full flash)? if yes, you need to buy a slave flash that could cater to this (more expensive).
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    actually wants to find out whether there's such things for camera of such kind or not....

    anyway, I am using Ixus 330.... sometimes it has preflash but sometimes not..... I dunno how to set it to have preflash everytime.... maybe someone here can teach me...

    so can Ixus 330 use this slave flash? what is it actually?


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