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    This was a shot I took during one lazy Sunday at home. The original was shot in color and transformed it into B&W using the Brightness channel. Do give me your comments!

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    Nice tripod. But not sure what message the photo is trying to convey.

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    sorry, I don't get your point on the photo. Are you selling your tripod?

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    LOL! To be honest, I just thought the lighting and the mood was something I'd like to capture at that point in time, no particular message I was trying to deliver

    It was actually a sunny day. Was having my lunch, you know, your usual 1pm on a weekend. And all of a sudden, the weather was overcast which changed the lighting considerably. So me being the photo-freak that I am, yes, I eat lunch with my Canon by the table, grabbed it, and captured the moment of change

    So there you go... no profound message to deliver here... just wanted to share what I managed to capture

    Thanks for looking


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