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    Quote Originally Posted by furrypaws

    comments pls?
    Rule of thirds is not a must to be followed. But I find it very good in bringing the "feel" of a photo. In the end, it is up to the photog how to make their pictures look more interesting

    I have a photo, not very similar, but maybe you can use it as a referrence. I mean, If I have the same opportunity as you, I would do this. No intention to crush your thread or whatsoever, but I really appreciate if brothers over here can also help give inputs to my picture below Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by furrypaws

    something like this?

    i'm aware that the right side of the pic is blown out.. cuz its where the sea was, alot of light coming in.. how could i hv resolve the issue if given a proper cam? some metering techniques?

    Yes that's what i meant.

    if you don't want the highlights blown out on the right, then use a smaller aperture, and lower ISO, and meter for the highlights. you will lose detail on the wooden path, but if you shoot in RAW it's easier to pull back these details provided you don't bottom out the shadows. do note that if you try to pull back details from shadow areas, you may encounter noise in the dark areas.

    another way is to bracket your exposure, but i hardly think there is a need to bracket a shot like this.

    yet another way is to multi spot meter, but you need a pro camera to do this?

    personally i will just meter for the highlights and shoot an underexposed picture and pull back details in shadows/highlights for shots like these. not sure how others will handle a shot like this. OR wait for a passing cloud to block the direct sunlight that causes glare. shoot the pic when there's cloud cover.

    Also, you can try taking the picture in the late afternoon or even in the morning/evening as the light is less harsh at those times, but this may change the mood of your picture altogether so i'm not sure if that's what you want.

    finally, fancy bolt on stuff like a ND filter can help but this also cuts light from your shadow areas... and i don't use one even though i have one.

    just my two cents.

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    i like ur very quotes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rev
    Cellphone camera doesnt mean piss-poor quality photos. A good photo is irregardless of the tool. It's how & what the photographer chooses to create with it. ....

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    #1 Works for me. I like the fact that the horizon splits the picture evenly. The graininess and slight vignette is also appealing and helps to center the kelong.

    #2 even if it was exposed correctly wouldn't hold as much interest as the first.

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    hey furry!

    like the shot.
    how i'll do it, keep everything as it is but lose the sky. crop till above the roof, crop left side about half & clone out the ship on the horizon.

    keep shooting!

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