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Thread: Sunset - Darling Harbour

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    Default Sunset - Darling Harbour

    C&Cs are most welcome

    Shots taken with the Pana LX-1

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    looks too dark... underexposed, so the details are lost. Also, there's too many things around, should I look at the lamp posts, 1/3rd of the bridge or the buildings in the background?

    I like sydney city pic better =)

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    looks underexposed and were you trying to focus on the lamps? i feel that the side very distracting. try standing on the left would be better. try different angles always works =D
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    thanks for the tip!

    will look harder the next time .

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    Where is the sunset?

    Where is the focal point of this picture beside the sunset?

    The crane and construction behind the building to the upper right corner made the picture very cluttered. The left 1/4 of the poicture is way under exposed. Not only can we not see the details clearly, what we see faintly becomes an annoying distraction. Either exposre them correctly or crop them out.

    But then again, where is the beautiful sunset?
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    Hi zerodegrees, try to size the picture such that it can be seen without too much scrolling. As for the picture, I find there is too much dark area on the left.


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